Sunday, October 30, 2011

Italy - Naples, Capri

As the sun rises and the ship sails, Italy is ready to welcome us.       
I look forward to the breakfast on board the ship! Who am I kidding? I just love the food on the ship period. With so many choices to choose from, I just love visiting the buffet anytime of the day. Breakfast, lunch, supper and the in-between's.

With a whopping 29 degrees celsius, Darren and I made sure we wore our sun screen lotion and got ready to meet our Italian tour guides.

The men in Italy are Y U M M Y, not as yummy as my Darren though, he is still my favourite :-)
Italian fashion is not for the small pocket, I'm so excited I found this gorgeous jacket which happened to be on sale and Darren bought a few Italian shirts, top class stuff! I wish I could afford to go on a shopping splurge. So grateful for everything though. I must admit, buying new clothing is the best therapy, even if it was just one jacket.

We found a fantastic restaurant hidden in an alley, where all the locals eat. They served the best pizza we had ever tasted! I certainly agree that Naples' greatest contribution to mankind is their pizza. I bet you would agree, after sinking your teeth into a slice.

Capri is a true gem, with sweeping vilas, lively cafes and blooming gardens. Darren and I took a cable car up the mountain and enjoyed the aerial view of the beautiful Island of Capri, while sipping on lemonade.

Darren and I as we arrived in Capri
Me getting on the cable car
On the cable car heading up the mountain
View from the cable car
On top of the mountain
Darren and I with a spectacular view behind us
Darren getting his 'Island' on :-)
Sipping on the best lemonade

"A famous couple on the Island" Okay maybe one day, you never know!

Spectacular view of the Island
Darren on the cable car on our way down from the mountain top

We had such a wonderful day.

It was time to return to the ship, which had become our new part time home. We looked forward to dinner in the main Dining room and a night of relaxation.

Next: Rome


Anonymous said...

Looks amazing! Sounds like you had so much fun

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